8 interesting ways you can surprise your beloved sibling, this Raksha Bandhan

It seems so IMPOSSIBLE, tolerating your sister’s drama or your brother’s nuisances while living in the same house. Throughout the year, we cannot stop ourselves from complaining about the endless torture that our sibling does. But the relationship of brother and sister goes like this way only because it is filled with some sweet and sour moments, one day she becomes the villain and next day same she will be your greatest supporter. It is the only way the bond of brother and sister goes, the whole year they keep fighting, irritating and annoying each other, but finally then comes Raksha Bandhan- a day devoted to the purest relation of siblings.

There has been saying that “Sometimes being a brother is better than being a superhero.” Thus, being a brother, you don’t just need a pledge to protect your sister, but you gotta do something special stuff to make her happy and smiling. But how you will be able to do so this Rakhi? We guess a surprise will definitely gonna work. With Rakhi just a couple of days ahead, we are here with some useful tips that you can do to surprise her this Rakha Bandhan:

1. Take Her to a BBQ Party

 For relieving old glorious memories of your childhood, plan a surprise BBQ party for your sibling. It will be full of fun right from packaging a basket of a fun game like Frisbee to enjoying BBQ delicacies that you just logged on and relaxing in the laid back afternoon. A BBQ picnic will be the perfect time for you to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with your beloved sister

2.Plan a surprise tour for her

Are you in a dilemma that how you should surprise your sister this Rakhi? The best way to surprise your sister is to gift her a tour package of one of her favourite place in India, where she would love to be there. Probably, Goa, Kerala, or Rajasthan- all of these cities are beautiful and offers a lot of exciting places to explore and capture in the camera. Even your sis will love this surprise, I mean common, who would not love to be in Goa to relax at the beaches after getting exhausted from a  big festival like Rakhi. You can Book your travel package here Getmecab

3. Give Her a Surprise Visit

You may be living miles away from your home, probably studying in some other part of the country or maybe settled up in some other city. This Rakshabandhan she may not be expecting you, but she will definitely miss you. Don’t let her be sad on a day when she deserves a smile. Take out the time from your hectic schedule and give her a surprise visit. Trust me! This surprise visit will be going to be her best Rakhi present so far.

4. A Social Post Will Do Wonders

You have hardly ever done something for your sibling on social media platforms, expect to like her pictures or constantly tagging her in some weird posts. Correct? But this Rakhi you can do something special on social media, which will make her happy and even, she will be able to flaunt something that her brother has done for her amongst her friends.

Create a beautiful collage of pictures right from her childhood, decorate it required filters and upload on social media with rakhi quote. In next seconds, you will be a super brother and will be all over the social media handles and most importantly in your sister’s heart.

5. Gift Her Cute Puppy

The only way to make your sister amazed on this Rakhi is to bring her a cute puppy. A labrador, beagle or any breed that she prefers will work. Buy a small bucket, put the puppy in it and tie a ribbon and do a bit of artwork on a greeting card and put some emotional message for your sister on it. It will be a special rakhi present for your sister because your sister deserves something special.

6. Cook Her Favorite Dishes this Raksha Bandhan

It will be more effective and will work if you don’t usually cook. Even, it will take more efforts from your side because being a brother you may have always put demands in front of your sibling in a context of cooking your favourite dishes. This Rakhi, the only way you can win your sister’s heart is by cooking her favourite dishes. Prepare all the dishes that she likes and you will see witness never seen the happiness on her face when she will eat the food cooked by you. Ask your mom for some sort of help, in case you haven’t done it before.

7.A Perfect Sibling Video

It will be the video of all the love bond between you two. A common video featuring old clicks along with a perfect devoted song devoted to your sibling is what you need to surprise your sister this Raksha Bandhan. Basically, this video will contain the life of your sister till date and how strong is the bond between you too. Get ready with a bunch of tissue as you may need it because it will be going to be an emotional video, which will touch you and your sister’s heart.

8.Destination Delivery of Surprise

We have to find out the time from our hectic schedule to go to our sister’s place on Raksha Bandhan, but practically, it is not possible especially, when we have some professional commitments. However, you can still make your presence felt thereby managing a destination delivery of your sister’s present. You just have to shop her rakhi present from any e-commerce site and can request them to deliver your parcel to your sister’s house. Her reaction will be worth to watch.


These are just a few ideas that will help you to surprise your sister on Raksha Bandhan. Nevertheless, you can think more of them after all who knows a sister better than his own brother. Try to be a sort of brother that ensures her sister always remain happy and every day in her life should be celebrated like Raksha Bandhan with your love, with your care, with your pledge to protect her and with efforts that promise this relation will always be filled with happiness.

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