All about booking an outstation cab

Getting a cab nowadays has become easy with plenty of options to choose. But can we really define an hour long drive as a Journey?

From the mindset to the preparations everything changes when you are booking an outstation journey. A reliable chariot is needed to steer your journey.

At GMC we go an extra mile to take care of our customers by establishing new gateways to connect with you. Unlike other apps only based companies our pricing model differs. Let’s have a look at some of the features and their effects on your travel journey.

Flexibility in the booking system

An idea of a holiday shouldn’t get wasted even if you don’t have a Smartphone next to you. A flexible booking system allows you to plan your journey whenever and wherever you feel like. Unlike OLA, GMC gives you offline support to help you book your outstation cab.

A good fraction of people still prefer to book an outstation cab by dialling in. For a modestly mixed society opinion, we cater to each segment of the society through our flexible booking systems. Dial, click or touch we are always at your service 24/7.

Should you depend on the OTP to kickstart your vacation?



Quotations with no hidden cost

Imagine travelling for 3 days with a targeted budget but at the end of your trip, you are charged 30% extra of what you were expecting because of those zillion asterisks under terms and condition! All’s not well when it doesn’t end well.

Gone are the days when you were given a brilliant quotation that was too good to be true. We believe in making the bill with no hidden costs. Our quotations are transparent and it is a part of our service to explain the fare breakup to our customers.

But why is it important to decode this part of your holiday? Is it really that big a deal?

Yes, because of Money Matters.

Plan your trip in advance

Travel budget often has a big influence on your holiday. On an average 8 out of 10 families choose their holiday destination based on this factor.

Is it possible to account for every expense in your holiday?

To be honest it is NOT. But you can calculate the estimates of the big dents on your wallet such as the mighty transportation cost. It would consume 1/3rd of your budget.

So, booking in advance is a travel-friendly option, if not then a realistic estimate of your journey can also help you to manage your expenses. We provide an all-inclusive quotation covering every little detail of your journey like parking costs, drivers allowance, etc.

Every penny saved is every smile earned!

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