CORONAVIRUS AND TRAVEL: All you need to know!

Millions have gotten ill, hundreds of thousands have lost their own lives, and whole economies are shut down. In just a matter of weeks, whole nations completely locked down themselves and closed their borders to people.

For the first time since World War II, traveling -- a business that relies on human motion and employs 10 percent of their global workforce -- entirely ceased.

As the months have rolled on, we have seen some countries re-open......and then return into lockdown, though other destinations do well and have reopened to (some) tourists.

And this process produces a whole lot of questions.  There are a whole lot of variables and guidelines are constantly changing.

How do you know which nations are available? How do we find out new visitation rules? Will travel insurance apply throughout the pandemic? What's flying going to be like? Are resorts and hostels secure? What attractions are available? In the event you even travel now?

What Destinations are Open?

The list of countries that are available changes each week. Many are opening for many international visitors, while some are opening only for neighboring states. Some countries, such as the US, Iceland, and Bulgaria, have bans on visitors from certain countries while countries like the Bahamas require passengers reveal a negative test result within 5 days of their flight. Bermuda requires a test before and during your trip.

That means you'll need to do particular research based on which you want to go if you want to travel this summer or fall. Luckily, there are a couple sites that will make that research simple.

What are Airlines Doing?

Flying for the near future is going to be a whole lot different. Currently, most airlines are requiring passengers to wear masks, though enforcement is inconsistent. The boarding procedure has also changed to decrease interactions and support physical distancing.

Only a few airlines (such as Delta) aren't booking any middle chairs to maintain a safer space between passengers. Most airlines are working as usual, which means You Might be on a full flight (with fewer flights accessible, a lot of the most Well-known paths are fully reserved )

In terms of cleaning, most airlines are majorly disinfecting planes in between every flight. For present coverages, here's a list of the Significant airlines and their present processes:

If You're flying or traveling alongside others, here is some important hygiene counsel:

  • Wash your hands frequently (or consider wearing latex gloves).
  • Wear a mask.
  • Refrain from touching your face.
  • Wipe down your seat or seating area with disinfectant wipes (because people are gross and so are planes).

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