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Important Note

  • AC will be switched off in hilly areas
  • Vehicle not Allowed to Driven on unpaved roads
  • Local travel is not allowed in Bangalore
  • Multiple Pick-Up/Drops On Extra Cost
  • Refreshment Break Upto 1 Hour Max Allowed
  • Follow COVID-19 Guidelines
  • This is an estimated cost and may vary depending upon actual Km/Hrs driven
  • Please Note-down the Starting Km and Ending Km-for hassle-free and actual Billing
  • Call Customer Support +91 801 032 0000-for instant Bill on email/SMS
Hatchback cab
Tata Indica or Equivalent ₹15.00 per km ₹ 20.00 per km
Car seat
4+1 seater
Air Conditioner
Includes 251 km and 4 hours
Driver Allowance
GST (5%)
After 251 km - Pay ₹ 15.00/km + 5% GST
After 4 hr - Pay ₹ 100.00 /Hr + 5% GST
Tolls, State Tax/Permit charges (Rs 450.00 approx)
Parking/Airport Entry Charge
Save ₹1255.00
Inclusive of GST

Fare Details

Base Fare (251 Km * ₹15.0)


Day Driver Allowance

₹ 300.00





Only 4 Cab Left|5 People Looking for the Cab
Sedan cab
Swift Dzire or Equivalent ₹15.50 per km ₹ 20.00 per km
Car seat
4+1 seater
Air Conditioner
Includes 251 km and 4 hours
Driver Allowance
GST (5%)
After 251 km - Pay ₹ 15.50/km + 5% GST
After 4 hr - Pay ₹ 100.00 /Hr + 5% GST
Tolls, State Tax/Permit charges (Rs 450.00 approx)
Parking/Airport Entry Charge
Save ₹1129.50
Inclusive of GST

Fare Details

Base Fare (251 Km * ₹15.5)


Day Driver Allowance

₹ 300.00





Only 2 Cab Left|4 People Looking for the Cab
Suv cab
Maruti Ertica or Equivalent ₹20.00 per km ₹ 26.00 per km
Car seat
6+1 seater
Air Conditioner
Includes 251 km and 4 hours
Driver Allowance
GST (5%)
After 251 km - Pay ₹ 20.00/km + 5% GST
After 4 hr - Pay ₹ 100.00 /Hr + 5% GST
Tolls, State Tax/Permit charges (Rs 2200.00 approx)
Parking/Airport Entry Charge
Save ₹1506.00
Inclusive of GST

Fare Details

Base Fare (251 Km * ₹20.0)


Day Driver Allowance

₹ 300.00





Only 2 Cab Left|5 People Looking for the Cab

Convenient Bangalore to Tirupati Cabs for Seamless Travel

GetMeCab is your chosen transport partner for outstation taxi service from Bangalore to Tirupati. We have a fleet of well-maintained, air-conditioned cabs and professional drivers. We strive hard to ensure a smooth and comfortable journey. Say goodbye to the stress of driving in traffic or navigating unfamiliar routes. You can sit back and relax with the Bangalore to Tirupati Cabs. We will help you safely reach your destination on time. Get a choice of cars at GetMeCab as per your specific requirement. You can take your pick from Sedans, SUVs, or hatchbacks. Book your Outstation Bangalore to Tirupati Cabs now! At GetMeCab, we will be happy to serve you.

Bangalore to Tirupati Cabs

According to legend, Lord Vishnu left his home in Vaikunta and lived on the seven hills of Tirupati to free humans from the hardships of the Kali Yuga (the fourth and last stage of the world's history). That is why it is frequently claimed that a trip to the Balaji Temple may be an emotionally arousing one.


Bangalore to Tirupati cabs with Getmecab

You may travel with ease and enjoyment at an affordable price. You may take taxis from Bangalore to Tirupati if that is where you begin. You may reserve a cab using the get me cab service to go from. Bangalore to Tirupati is connected by Travel options including trains, buses, airplanes, and taxis. For a fast road trip or a weekend getaway, the drive from Bangalore to Tirupati is unquestionably one of the most alluring places in India. Therefore, using our cab service to arrange a Bangalore to Tirupati vacation package is the ideal method to get such an experience.

Bangalore to Tirupati available Taxi options

For one-way cabs

  • Hatchback
  • Sedan
  • SUV
  • Toyota Innova Crysta
  • Tempo Traveller 12-seater
  • Tempo Traveller 15-seater


For round way cabs

  • Hatchback (AC)
  • Toyota Etios-Swift Dzire (AC)
  • BMW 5 Series(AC)
  • Audi A6(AC)
  • Mercedes E class(AC)
  • Toyota Fortuner



How to book cabs from Bangalore to Tirupati

Tirupati is a wonderful city with many interesting places to see. It has never been simpler to book a taxi from Bangalore to Tirupati owing to the Get me cab's affordable prices and improved convenience. Arrive in style with Get me cab taxi services to complete your holiday in the picturesque surroundings of Tirupati. Taxi travel is certain to be convenient due to the efficient motorways that connect the cities. The get me cab website provides several features in addition to trained drivers to guarantee hassle-free cab rides. Hire a cab from Bangalore to Tirupati to take a quiet trip and view the sites.

Traveling from Bangalore to Tirupati

The city of Tirupati has beautiful landscapes and great weather. Just as our cab service has all the qualities that will make your trip unique, the city has all the qualities that will make it your favorite holiday spot. Get me taxis offers a wide range of outstanding, unequaled services with getmecab cab booking.

Outstation cab trips with qualified and recognized drivers from get me cabs are not only enjoyable, trustworthy, and safe, but also fairly priced. Therefore, it is advisable to book your cab somewhere else.


Distance from Bangalore to Tirupati

Bangalore to Tirupati are separated by a cab ride of around 251 kilometers. If you alter your course, the distance will alter. There may be several rest stops along the road where you may refuel.


How much time does it take to reach Bangalore to Tirupati?

The cab ride from Bangalore to Tirupati may take roughly 4 hours travel time from Bangalore to Tirupati.


Bangalore to Tirupati taxi fare

While various cab services run between Bangalore to Tirupati, none can match the dependability of transportation by getting me a cab. A is also present. The starting fare taxi service starts at Rs. 4399 and may alter depending on the day and time of the trip as well as the vehicle chosen. Money is important, but service is the most important aspect. We provide a range of services within the constraints of time. You may also reserve a taxi via Get Me Cab to go from Bangalore to Tirupati. Get me cab's online cab booking service provides amazing savings and discounts on all cab trips.


Why take a cab from Bangalore to Tirupati

You may choose the most suitable taxi from a variety of makes and models, including Dzire, Indica, Micra, Etios, Innova, and other high-end vehicles, at affordable pricing, thanks to Get Me Taxi for Bangalore to Tirupati. This online taxi booking service delivers a hindrance-free and loved journey by offering skilled drivers, customer support, favorable pricing, and accurate GPS tracking. You have the option of ordering a one-way or round-trip taxi. You have a great traveling partner i.e. GetMeCab, who always manages to make your travel comfortable and enjoyable.


Best places to visit in Tirupati

Sri Venkateswara shrine, located atop Tirumala Hill's seventh peak, is the most well-known shrine of historical significance. The enormous temple occupies 2.2 acres of land. On the south side of Swami Pushkarini River is where the temple is situated. 


  • The tallest waterfall in Andhra Pradesh, Talakona Waterfall, plunges from a height of 270 feet. The waterfalls are located 30 kilometers into the forest. You may reach the waterfalls by hiking for around two km from the base. Here, the vistas are breathtaking. 


  • Next to the central temple is the enormous 460-acre TTD Gardens. The variety of flowers in the gardens is stunning. The garden is an eye candy since there is greenery all around and lovely flowers in a variety of colors.



Bangalore to Tirupati Round Way Cabs

Hatchback(AC) 4 Passenger ₹11.50km 300 ₹300.00 502 ₹6,376.00
Sedan(AC) 4 Passenger ₹11.50km 300 ₹300.00 502 ₹6,376.00
SUV 7 Str(AC) 6 Passenger ₹17.00km 300 ₹350.00 502 ₹9,328.00
SUV 8 Str(AC) 7 Passenger ₹18.00km 300 ₹350.00 502 ₹9,855.00
Toyota Innova-Mahindra Marazzo(AC) 6 Passenger ₹18.00km 300 ₹350.00 502 ₹9,855.00
Toyota Innova Crysta(AC) 6 Passenger ₹20.00km 300 ₹350.00 502 ₹10,909.00
Tempo Traveller 12 seater(AC) 11 Passenger ₹27.00km 300 ₹500.00 502 ₹14,756.00
Toyota Fortuner(AC) 6 Passenger ₹48.00km 300 ₹500.00 502 ₹25,825.00
GST 5%, State Tax, Toll Tax, Driver Night Allowance, Parking Charges

What is the best route to take from Bangalore to Tirupati?

Distance from Bangalore to Tirupati NH 75 & NH 69. This is the quickest and shortest way to travel between Bangalore to Tirupati. It is also the route that Google Maps recommends the most, and frequent travelers choose it. 


What is the best place where a traveler can stop to explore the place from Bangalore to Tirupati?

Lalbagh Botanical Garden, ISKCON Temple, Bangalore, and Bannerghatta Zoo are the major attractions to see en route from Bengaluru to Tirupati (with brief diversions).


Best tip for taking a cab from Bangalore to Tirupati?

GetMeCab provides Bangalore to Tirupati taxi booking cab packages, including round-trip cabs and one-way taxis, whether you're traveling by yourself, with friends, family, or coworkers. You shouldn't be concerned about additional costs while using the most effective transit route. When looking for the best cab or taxi, there are several alternatives available online. You will have a wonderful vacation thanks to GetMeCab's trusted cabs, affordable taxi charges, and timely service from Bangalore to Tirupati

Benefits of booking Bangalore to Tirupati cab with get me a cab

Our drivers are the finest, and they will make your trip simple and pleasurable.

The best service is provided by our driver, and punctual service indicates professionalism. We provide our clients each time they require 24-hour automobile rental help.



Tirupati is well-known for its shrines, which visitors from all across India visit. If you dreamt to go on a pilgrimage, Tirupati can be the best choice to go. Among pilgrims, its century-old temples are well-known. The second-oldest rock peaks in the world are the Tirumala Hills in Tirupati. 



Outstation Taxis from Bangalore to Top Tourist Destinations

[price in RS.]
[price in RS.]
[price in RS.]
Bangalore to Bellary ₹4,758.50 ₹6,140.00 ₹4,605.00

Bangalore to Chennai ₹5,363.00 ₹6,920.00 ₹5,190.00

Bangalore to Chikmagalur ₹3,766.50 ₹4,860.00 ₹3,645.00

Bangalore to Coorg ₹3,797.50 ₹4,900.00 ₹3,675.00

Bangalore to Dharmasthala ₹5,115.00 ₹6,600.00 ₹4,950.00

Bangalore to Hospet ₹5,099.50 ₹6,580.00 ₹4,935.00

Bangalore to Hubballi ₹6,494.50 ₹8,380.00 ₹6,285.00

Bangalore to Hyderabad ₹8,819.50 ₹11,380.00 ₹8,535.00

Bangalore to Kochi ₹8,494.00 ₹10,960.00 ₹8,220.00

Bangalore to Madikeri ₹3,797.50 ₹4,900.00 ₹3,675.00

Bangalore to Mysore ₹2,325.00 ₹3,000.00 ₹2,250.00

Bangalore to Ooty ₹4,278.00 ₹5,520.00 ₹4,140.00

Bangalore to Coimbatore ₹5,626.50 ₹7,260.00 ₹5,445.00

Bangalore to Goa ₹8,680.00 ₹11,200.00 ₹8,400.00

Bangalore to Madurai ₹6,727.00 ₹8,680.00 ₹6,510.00

Bangalore to Mangalore ₹5,456.00 ₹7,040.00 ₹5,280.00

Bangalore to Nandi hills ₹2,325.00 ₹3,000.00 ₹2,250.00

Bangalore to Pondicherry ₹4,960.00 ₹6,400.00 ₹4,800.00

Bangalore to Vellore ₹3,286.00 ₹4,240.00 ₹3,180.00

Bangalore to Wayanad ₹4,355.50 ₹5,620.00 ₹4,215.00

Best Tour Packages From Bangalore


What is the distance between Bangalore to Tirupati by cab?

The distance between Bangalore to Tirupati by cab is approximately 251 kilometres. However, the exact distance may vary depending on the specific route taken and any potential detours or traffic conditions along the way.

What is the minimum cab fare from Bangalore to Tirupati?

The minimum cab fare from Bangalore to Tirupati is Rs. 4,268.00. This fare is for a one-way trip and may vary depending on factors such as the type of cab and additional services opted for. GetMeCab provides reliable and affordable cab services for this route, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free journey.

What is the maximum cab fare from Bangalore to Tirupati?

The maximum cab fare from Bangalore to Tirupati may vary depending on factors such as the type of cab, the distance travelled, and any additional charges such as tolls or parking fees. To get an accurate fare estimate, it is best to use the fare calculator on GetMeCab or contact their customer support team.

What are the options available for Bangalore to Tirupati?

At GetMeCab, we offer various options for Bangalore to Tirupati cabs including Hatchback, Sedan, Suv, You can choose the cab type based on your budget and group size. We also provide one-way and round-trip options for Bangalore to Tirupati cabs. Additionally, we offer convenient pick-up and drop-off options and 24/7 customer support to ensure a hassle-free travel experience.

How long does it take to go from Bangalore to Tirupati by cab?

The travel time from Bangalore to Tirupati by cab is approximately 4 hours, depending on traffic and road conditions. However, it is always recommended to plan for additional time in case of unforeseen delays. At GetMeCab, we strive to provide reliable and efficient cab services for all your travel needs.

How can I find my driver?

To find your driver with GetMeCab, you can follow these steps:

  1. Check your booking confirmation email or SMS:

    GetMeCab sends a confirmation message with the driver's details, including their name, phone number, and vehicle number.

  2. Use the "Track your Cab" feature:

    GetMeCab has a real-time tracking feature that allows you to track your cab's location and estimated arrival time. You can access this feature by logging in to your GetMeCab account or using the link provided in your booking confirmation message.

  3. Contact GetMeCab customer support:

    If you are unable to locate your driver using the above methods, you can contact GetMeCab customer support via phone or email and provide them with your booking details. They will assist you in locating your driver.

Why should I book a cab from Bangalore to Tirupati with GetMeCab?

Booking a cab from Bangalore to Tirupati with GetMeCab is the best way to enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free journey. With our well-maintained fleet of cars and experienced drivers, you can be assured of a safe and smooth ride. Additionally, by booking with us, you can customize your itinerary and make the most of your trip to Tirupati We also offer competitive prices and convenient payment options to make your booking experience easy and seamless. So, whether you are travelling for leisure or business, booking a cab with GetMeCab is the best way to go!

How many types of cabs are available in Bangalore?

There are several types of cabs available in Bangalore through GetMeCab, including:

  1. Hatchback cabs: small cars suitable for short trips or solo travellers
  2. Sedan cabs: comfortable mid-sized cars for longer trips or small groups
  3. SUV cabs: larger vehicles suitable for groups or families with more luggage
  4. Luxury cabs: premium cars with high-end amenities for a luxurious experience
  5. Tempo Travellers: Large vehicles suitable for big groups, families, and corporate events

GetMeCab offers a variety of cab options to cater to the diverse needs of its customers in Bangalore.

Which is the most economical cab available in Bangalore?

The most economical cab category available in Bangalore through GetMeCab is the Hatchback category. GetMeCab offers several options, such as the Maruti Swift, Tata Indica, and Hyundai Grand i10, at affordable prices. These cabs are perfect for short trips or daily commutes and are available for both one-way and round-trip bookings. Book your ride with GetMeCab and enjoy a hassle-free and cost-effective travel experience in Bangalore.

What are the payment options for booking a cab on GetMeCab?

GetMeCab offers multiple payment options for booking a cab:

  1. Credit/Debit Card
  2. Net Banking
  3. Mobile Wallets (Paytm, Mobikwik, etc.)
  4. UPI
  5. EMI
  6. You can also choose to pay in cash directly to the driver. GetMeCab ensures secure transactions for all payment options.
Do I need to carry any ID proof to avail cab services on GetMeCab?

Yes, you will need to carry a valid ID proof when availing cab services on GetMeCab. This is mandatory for security and verification purposes. You can carry any government-issued ID proof, such as an Aadhaar card, Passport, Driving Licence, or PAN card. The driver may ask for the ID proof before starting the ride, so it's always best to have it handy.

How can I book a cab from Bangalore to Tirupati ?

To book a cab from Bangalore to Tirupati with GetMeCab, simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit the website or download the GetMeCab app on your mobile device.
  2. Enter your pickup location, destination, and travel date.
  3. Select the type of car you want to book from the available options.
  4. Enter your contact information and any special instructions or requests.
  5. Review the fare details and confirm your booking.

Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation message via email, SMS, or WhatsApp with the driver and cab details. Your cab will arrive at the designated pickup location on the specified date and time, and you can enjoy a hassle-free ride to .

Our team is 24/7 at your service to help you with your booking issues or answer any related questions