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Outstation Round Trip Taxi Fare

GetMeCab’s Exclusive rate policy provides a fixed per-Km price to the customer. The extra charges along the way like Driving Allowance (Day and/or Night), Toll Taxes, State Taxes and Service Tax etc if and as applicable have to be paid by the customer itself.

  1. Service tax at 6%.
  2. Driver Allowance (Day and/or Night) that ranges between INR 200 to INR 400, basis of the car model and the pickup city.
  3. Driver Night Allowance is applicable only if he drives between 10pm-6am.
  4. State Tax on actual basis whenever cab enters a new state.
  5. Any Toll tax or parking charges on actual basis.
  1. Driver will take care of his food and stay himself.
  2. Customer will be charged for a minimum of 225 Kms to 300 Kms per day (depending on the car model and the pickup city).
  3. One day refers to one calendar day i.e. 12am - 11:59pm.
  4. AC will be switched off in hilly areas.
  5. Local travel is not allowed in the source city.

Other operators often charge customers for garage to garage distance, send unprofessional drivers and provide no customer service facility during night hours. GetMeCab ensures that we take full responsibility of the customer’s journey and make it as memorable as we can.