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Earlier known as Cawnpore, Kanpur has been an important city even before independence. Located at the banks of Ganges, the city is very close to the state capital Lucknow and there is a huge amount of trade that goes on between both the cities. Kanpur is exceptionally famous for the leather products that city weaves including bags, shoes, wallets, jackets and more. The town is 2nd largest Industrial town in North-India after Delhi.

There are lots of interesting places in Kanpur which fascinate the people and tourists.


One of the most attractive spots in Kanpur is Bithoor. The home to Ganges attracts a plethora of devotees every day. This spot has also been instrumental in the history of the city. The location also has many tourist spots like Patthar Ghat, Dhruva Teela, Siddhidham Ashram, Vlmiki Ashram, Brahmavart Ghat and more.

Boodha Bargad

The term literally means 'Old Banyan'. The tree is actually dead today but the Nana Rao Park holds the memorial as the tree has a huge historical importance. More than 144 Indian revolutionaries were hanged from this tree during the British reign.

Allen Forest Zoo

Spread across an area of 190 acres, this zoo is one of India's only zoo which was established within a naturally situated forest. The zoo has many wild animals who were basically the free inhabitants of the jungle. The main attraction of the zoo is the botanical garden, which holds the collection of some of the rare species of plants. Rainwater lake, aviary and night house are other major attractions of this zoo. The zoo also houses an aquarium and life-size sculptures of pre-historic dinosaurs. Tourist Nature walks and outdoor recreation activities can be enjoyed at this zoo.

Moti Jheel

Moti Jheel is a lake and a drinking water reservoir in the Benajhabar area of Kanpur. The jheel has adjoining gardens and a children's park, which make it a famous attraction. Constructed during the British Rule in India, it is one of the most important recreational places in the industrial city of Kanpur.

ISKCON, Sri Radha Madhav Temple

The Temple being constructed on a twelve-acre plot on the Bithoor road is near the River Ganges. Once completed, this gigantic temple will have courtyards, Vedic ashram, and a special pond with musical fountains, Govinda's restaurant and seminar halls. The altar has marble idols of Radha and Madhav in colourful dresses and small idols of Ram, Sita, Laxman and Hanuman. ISKCON runs a cow shelter and a Govinda's restaurant in the city where sweets, salty snacks and fruit juices are sold. There is a shop inside the temple selling gift items, books like Bhagvath Geeta and children's storybooks based on Indian epics. Jagannath Rath Yatra, Janmashtami, Diwali and Holi are celebrated with fervour here. Temple is open from 4.30 am to 8.30 pm with a break from 1 pm to 4 pm. Bhagavatham and Geeta's classes are conducted daily.

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There are lots of interesting & fascinating places near Kanpur city for Weekend Destination.


Khajuraho is a small town located in the forested plains of the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the most popular tourist spots in Madhya Pradesh and attracts numerous visitors to it due to its ancient temples that depict some of the finest art in the world. Khajuraho offers a glimpse into India's heritage with ancient temples that depicts art in forms like meditation, spiritual teachings, wrestling, kinship, royalty and most significantly, erotic art.


Ayodhya, known as Saketa, is a place of deep historic importance for the Hindus. This ancient city of India is also known as the home of the Hindu deity Ram. This place marks a deep historic importance for the Hindus and is situated on the right bank of river Sariyu. Ayodhya is a place of deep historic importance for the Hindus, it and hence holds a deep place in the hearts of Hindus. The sacred ground of Ayodhya also sets an epic setting of Ramayana making you feel the divine presence of the deities in the air.


Allahabad regarded as one of the oldest cities in India and stands on the site of ancient Prayag, a holy city that was comparable in fame to Varanasi and Haridwar (Uttarakhand) state. It is considered as the holiest of pilgrimage at the confluence of three rivers (Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati). It is also believed that Brahma, the Hindu god of creation, is believed to have landed on earth in Allahabad.

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Gwalior, popularly called "the Gibraltar of India" is a historic city founded by king Surajesan. This historic city situated in Madhya Pradesh is a home to beautiful monuments, palaces, and temples, offering a majestic view of the city. Gwalior is one of the largest city of Central India and was once the seat of reigning Rajputs namely Pratiharas, Kachwahas, and Tomars and Marathas. It is also referred to as the tourist capital of the Madhya-Pradesh.

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Mathura, considered as one of the most sacred lands of India is the abode of Lord Krishna. This place has one of the oldest historical records and is considered as a great religious sanctity among the Hindus. Considered as one of the most sacred pilgrimage destinations in India for Hindus - Mathura dots the oldest sights of the beautiful sculptures that are recovered from the ruins.

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Lucknow is the capital and largest city of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. This multicultural city boasts rich artistic and cultural ambience. The Capital city of Uttar Pradesh is popularly known as the 'City of Nawabs' and is remarked as one of the most pristine and multicultural tourist destinations of India.

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