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Safety Tips

How to Travel Safely

For every journey to become a memory, it is important that everything goes well. A few steps will ensure your safety.

  1. Verifying drivers id,
  2. Putting your seatbelts on,
  3. Listening music at normal volume,
  4. Avoiding unnecessary actions to disturb the rhythm of the driver,
  5. Keeping the car clean is not only drivers duty only, also yours Responsibility too.

Driver's Opinion

Your driver’s opinion can enhance your experience as they have visited the local attractions many times. While on the journey they could suggest to visit places that are not on your itinerary but worth a visit

Keeping You Belongings Safe

The last thing you want on your trip is to not lose your precious luggage. You should secure your valuables either with a good lock or tell the driver about it so he takes care of them for you.

Safety Of Others On The Road

Along with you there are thousands of others who are travelling on the road and we should avoid doing things that can make their journeys unpleasant such as throwing waste out of the window, road racing, etc.