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Outstation Taxi for One-way

GetMeCab has been offering One-Way Taxi Services since 2011 wherein a customer is picked up from a point, driven comfortably to the drop point without being asked for any return taxi fare for the taxi. Get me cab manages more than thousand cab bookings specifically for following routes every month:

GetMeCab’s one-way taxi service is best-suited for purposes like inter-city Airport Transfers, outstation family functions or long Summer Holidays.

Customers are advised to beware of “fly by night “operators, who impose a lot of hidden charges in the name of Cheaper Fares. To avoid such discomforts, ask for complete fare details upfront at the time of booking. Check out GetMeCab’s ‘All inclusive Rates’ policy for more.

Cab Fare

In a one-way taxi service, GetMeCab follows a transparent Taxi Fare Policy where it provides travellers an option between an All Inclusive Rate andCab Fare an Exclusive Rate (per km) to choose from. In Inclusive rate option one fixed price (inclusive DA, State tax) is charged and in Exclusive option with per km fare, DA, Toll, State and Service tax are charged.

Fare for One-Way Taxi

Unlike many other operators, there are, in no way, any hidden charges with GetMeCab. Everything is communicated boldly and professionally. We here at GetMeCab believe in growing ourselves by doing the best possible service to the people and not by conning them. So, kindly go through the Fare Details page before booking your cab.

We provide our customers with an option between All inclusive rates policy and Exclusive Rates policy to choose from.

GetMeCab’s All Inclusive Rates policy ensures that our flat charges on selected routes include all the external charges like Day Driving Allowance, Driver Stay Charges, Driver Food Charges, Toll Taxes, State Taxes and Service Tax.

GetMeCab’s Exclusive rates policy provides a flat price (per Km) to the customer. The extra charges along the way like Day Driving Allowance, Driver Stay Charges, Driver Food Charges, Toll Taxes, State Taxes and Service Tax etc as applicable have to be paid by the customer himself/herself.

Outstation Round Trip fare rate starting from according to car model

Model Name Price
Hatchback ₹ 1
Sedan ₹ 720
SUV ₹ 1099

For any queries feel free to call at 09015154545. Our customer service associates are available to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Check regularly with our coupon partners for special offers and deals.