Top 5 Destinations That You Can Visit Without Worrying About Omicron Regulations

Nations around the world have started to ease restrictions set up to fight the spread of this Coronavirus pandemic.  Only last month, the ministry of civil aviation recorded 14 states that Indians are permitted to fly. 

  Locally, there's still plenty of restrictions in the majority of the nation.  That is understandable considering the intensity of the pandemic.  But if you're fed up with the lockdowns and feel prepared to venture out from home, you're in luck.

  Multiple states have raised all COVID regulations and therefore are letting people in.  Here are five of the best locations you can visit now to unwind and snap those selfies for the gram.

  1. Uttarakhand


Uttarakhand is among the most attractive places to visit, particularly today when being away from individuals is safer.  The northern state of India is a famous Hindu pilgrimage destination and a center for major yoga studies.


There's so much you can perform in Uttarakhand, apart from visiting the Himalayas.  You can stop by the Jim Corbett National Park or sail the waters of the Nainital mountain settlement.  Should you are feeling a little frisky, you may even have a cable car and revel in the gorgeous character from a bird's eye perspective.


  1. Goa

  The state of Goa is welcoming travelers, but you'll be disappointed that you might not move on a nighttime gaming spree during its top casinos nonetheless.


Goa hasn't opened up entirely yet, but there's a great deal you can appreciate when you go to the shore state.  The beaches are available in all their glory, and their own historic areas are open to people.


If you're a foodie, you'll be happy to know that food dealers are already on the roads serving their cheap traditional delicacies.



  1. Pondicherry

  The Pondicherry land is composed of visitors, however, they must have a COVID Rapid Antigen Test and reunite negative.  The shores inside the territory are available following the lockdown, and many services are restored.


Visit the city and enjoy fantastic deals on scuba diving, take pictures at the Auroville, and eat traditional delicacies at its various festivals.


Paradise beach remains Pondicherry's best attraction, so when you opt to see, make sure you spend quality time.


  1. Gujarat

Gujarat state is available for business and is back to inviting visitors.  Notice, however, that all traffic needs to experience a thermal screening.  You'll be permitted in if you don't show any signs of COVID.


The state of Gujarat has much to offer you.  It's famed for its elaborate conventional clothes and fabrics that are inexpensive.  Many men and women see the country to go through the natural landscapes and to flavor their conventional foods.


Are you considering seeing Gujarat?  Put aside a budget for the irresistible vibrant handicrafts and cultural memorabilia.


  1. Himachal Pradesh

In case you've ever seen hiding outside in the Himalayas for some time, this might be the ideal time to perform it.  The state of Himachal Pradesh is welcoming visitors to encounter its mountain towns and hotels' panoramic beauty.


Among those must-visit destinations include Kulu ranges, Manali valley, and Chamba.


Himachal Pradesh is also a leading religious’ tourism destination with several arts, old temples, and historic sites to visit.




Although the majority of states have opened for people, don't forget the coronavirus pandemic remains with us.  It will be best if you didn't travel unless it's vital.


In case you must, be sure to maintain safety instructions issued by the government and local governments.  As a rule of thumb, maintain social space, wash your hands regularly, and put on a mask at all times. 

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