Outstation One-Way Taxi Fare

With GetMeCab you do not have to pay for any return fare for the taxi, you only need to pay for one-way.

For a one-way service we provide our customers with an option between Inclusive Rates policy and Exclusive Rates policy to choose from.

Inclusive Rate policy ensures that our fixed charges on selected routes including Driving Allowance (Day and/or Night), Toll and State Tax.

Additional Cost for All Inclusive Rates

  1. Service tax at 5%.
  2. Any parking or airport entry charges.
  3. Extra per pick up or drop ranging between INR 250 to INR 500 within 10kms range.
  4. Waiting and Halt charges will be INR 100 per hour.

Exclusive Rate policy offers a fixed price per-Km to the customer. The extra charges along the way like Driving Allowance, Toll, State etc if and as applicable have to be paid by the customer itself.

Additional Cost for Exclusive Rates

  1. Service tax at 5%.
  2. Driver Allowance that ranges between INR 200 to INR 400, basis of the car model and the pickup city.
  3. The customer will be charged for a minimum of 150 Kms for every trip.
  4. One-Way State Tax on actual basis whenever cab enters a new state.
  5. Any Toll tax or parking charges on actual basis.

Important Notes

  1. Driver would take care of his food and stay.
  2. AC will be switched off in hilly areas.
  3. Local travel is not allowed in the source city.

Many other operators try to trick customers by either charging them for return taxi fare too or by adding hidden costs, sending unverified drivers or private cabs. We here at GetMeCab believe in growing ourselves by following the best possible service ethics and not by conning our customers.